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Everything you can imagine is real.  Pablo Picasso

I love expression, like these words expressed by Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artist’s of all time.  I’m no Pablo Picasso.  Those who know me also know the ensuing disclaimer need not be said.   So  I can say, without ignominy, thousands of people have visited my Blog.   I can say this surprises me each and every day, which is fun.  After reading my posts let’s hope it isn’t too much of a surprise to you.

To the point, if you have come this far, then I feel obliged to introduce myself.   The first grader stuff: No surprise, I enjoy writing.   Everyone has hobbies, reading and writing are two of my own.  So you don’t get the idea I am a couch potato, I also enjoy the outdoors, cycling and hiking being two of my favorite outdoor activities.  I live in Florida, so I am a flatlander, but I love Colorado and the “left coast”, where I try to spend several weeks each summer.

I come from a large family.  Some may be surprised we all get along so well.  Good upbringing.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  We all have much to be grateful for and many accomplishments of which to be proud.  I’m a family man, happily married and proud of my wife and my two grown children.  I’m a business person, an entrepreneur and the founder of a successful small business.

Many believe, if  the written word comes from the stroke of a pen to paper, like an artists’ stroke of a brush to canvas, it comes from the heart and is the truest form of expression.  I keep a pen and paper bedside.  If I can’t sleep it is often due to thoughts swirling in my head.  If you can empty your mind of your tomorrow by writing those most challenging thoughts on paper and leave them there, sleep will follow.  That is where I find much of my expression.  For me, for many of us, sleep is an aphrodisiac.  After a deep and restful sleep, for me and I believe for many, the world is a better and a brighter place.

I write for myself.  I own my thoughts and expressions and if I publish them, they are my own intellectual and spiritual property.  If I use someone else’s expression or cite someone else’s content, I will be sure to reference them and give them credit.  If you take away any expression, feelings or emotions from my Blog, you own them.  I put myself out there.  You can, too. Feel free to agree, disagree or simply ignore me.  Express “yourself.”  Leave your comments, share or  spread the word with Stumble Upon.  Subscribe or come back often to visit.

 See what’s swirling in my mind… that which has made it from pen to paper, is from my heart to yours.

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  1. July 2, 2012 1:36 pm

    Posted on The one thing that people tend to fogret, though, was that Pablo Picasso was very talented at making academic style art. The reason he able to develop Cubism and invent collage was because he mastered realistic artistic techniques at an early age and was seeking new challenges. If artists lack the basic skills, they cannot create anything new and meaningful.

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