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Mr. Grumpy Pants

July 5, 2016


Cody Bear

In a world filled with tragedy and sacrifice, with Islamic terror attacks in San Bernardino, Orlando, Istanbul, Bangladesh and now Nice, I am angry. Like many of you, I feel helpless. I try not to be judgmental. I’m trying to be more retrospective.

I hear every day, of the misery of innocents in Syria, Iraq and beyond, the suffering of so many, by religious persecution and genocide. – You can Donate here.

There are those who welcome Syrian refugees to the US, (over 7,500 this year alone) as long as they’re not into their homes? I say, you first. but too often it’s about OPTM.

How about their Saudi and Arab neighbors, whom they would be able to more quickly assimilate? I say you go first.

Many who are close to me would advise me to be more laid back, less grumpy, let the planes fly over my house without mooning the passengers. I’m going to try to be more laid back. I may even consider cancelling the order for a 12 ft. sign telling a certain airline to “Get the f*** off my plain.”

How do I, or should I, shut out the pain and suffering of others, so I might carry on with daily life?

I wrote Eyes Wide Open  a few years ago. It was a personal soul searching Q&A. I keep going back to it to find better answers, and disturbingly there are few if any, that I have discovered, only more consternation.

Granted, I am a bit of a news junkie, in particular since 9/11. That day I was informed of the attack, I thought it was a joke. Now I stay informed.

Unfortunately, I remain a skeptic. For example, I find “Mr. Grumpy Pants” has a reason to remain in character until we can elect a Congress and POTUS that would agree to term limits.

Have I grown increasing cynical? Probably. Do I feel less empowered? No. I make my own decisions and draw my own conclusions. Simply put, DC is corrupt Again, the only remedy is term limits.

I ended Eyes Wide Open by citing my best friend and companion over the past 13 years. Cody, my 13 yr. old chocolate lab, who passed away recently. I miss him terribly.

Cody epitomized everything that I believe should be right in this world. His life, was a respite from everything that is wrong with this world. Cody gave me his unconditional love. I gave him mine. We need more relationships like ours. Did I mention I picked up his poop? And yes, I love you too, honey!




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  1. July 25, 2016 10:48 am

    You have every right to feel “Grumpy”. With a media reporting that continues to sanitize situations from an Email Cover-up Scandal of a national figure to the sanitizing of terror attacks like that in San Bernardino CA & Orlando FL, one scratches their head and amazed at either the level of incompetence, ignorance or ignorantly incompetent that has infected our society today. The frequency of Islamic terror attacks not just confined to the Middle East, now reaching chronic proportion on the West is very troubling. What are we afraid of? Well we don’t want to “Offend” anyone. This isn’t about being “Offensive”, this is about being honest! About confronting an ideology that wants to harm you and me because of our way of life.

    Then you have government corruption. Corruption that is plain as day to see and you’re told you didn’t see what you saw and how dare you arrive at a conclusion that would be otherwise. That Hillary Clinton email scandal is not a scandal it’s a Right Wing conspiracy, she’s a victim. Well so was General Petraeus, yet he was held to a higher standard for 3 emails, let alone 33,000 emails. There is a different mentality today, the Progressive movement is doing their job in the dumbing down of America. Many of us look at the events unfolding before our eyes and we say, What Happened? Hey the Progressive Movement is doing their job!

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