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Threadbare – Not just a pretty face – Reg update

August 1, 2011

Reg Update

Reg’s story Threadbare – Not just a pretty face.

I just spoke to Reg on his commute from a temporary contract job.  He has taken on a temporary job to help with the Lepper household cash flow.  It requires a hard hat and steel toed boots.  Hartmarx evidently, doesn’t sell steel toed boots.  He bought the boots from Wal-Mart – $19 bucks.

There are blisters on every toe.  He’s up at 5 AM.  It takes an hour  to get to the job site.  We are EST.  He’s on his way home now.

It’s 6:45 PM,  so he hopes he will be on time for his granddaughter’s recital later this evening.

I hear some of our Congressmen and women are complaining about the hours they’re spending away from home.  At least they’re getting a steady paycheck and Cadillac benefits.

They won’t pull this economy up by it’s boot straps.  Reg and people like him will.

Maybe they need a swift kick in the keester from those boots I’m talkin’ about.

Maybe they should just go home and be with their family?

Case in point – from Harry Reid – this guy has no clue!

We need to make sure this guy goes home and stays home!

Meantime, Reg has been and is actively looking for work.  Sending out his (click on the link to Reg’s “resume”) resume doing  job interviews, volunteering his time for Career Ministry and consulting their members regarding many aspects of their search for new opportunities and careers.

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